South Fayette TownshipSingle-family homesPriced from: Low $600sSchool District: South FayetteAgency: Foxlane

Private Acreage

South FayetteCustom single family homes$450,000 and upSouth FayetteParagon Homes412 787


South Fayette TownshipSingle-family, first-floor carriage & townhomesPriced from: $300’sSchool district: South FayetteAgency: Charter Homes &

Estates of Lion Ridge

South FayetteSingle-family homesPriced from: $750,000School district: South FayetteAgency: Coldwell Banker Realty, Bonnie

Deerfield Ridge

South Fayette TownshipCustom Single Family Homes$500,000 and upSouth FayetteParagon Homes412 787